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Realistic 3D Star map


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Hi Everyone!

Ok - crazy idea time!

First of all, I discovered this:


Pretty cool!

I discovered that it's based on this CSV database of star positions:


I'm building a model of the solar system, so I now I thinking "wouldn't it be nice if instead of a skydome to surround my planets, I actually plot real stars as particles!"

I'm just musing through this right now, by my guess is that I would need to extract the x/y/z position values of each star (with the Sun as 0/0/0) and then create particles for each one.

Does that sound right?


If so, my first step is to Decode the CSV file:


Here's the first line (with the headings for each data item) and the first entry:


All I need is the x/y/z coordinates - do any of you out there know which of those values refer to them?



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