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OnIntersectionEnterTrigger from collision detection


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Some people offer to use BABYLON.ActionManager.OnIntersectionEnterTrigger and BABYLON.ActionManager.OnIntersectionExitTrigger to detect when one mesh collides with the other. I like the idea because an event is triggered only once.

However, when I try - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#7NQA2K - moving with A and D, nothing happens when red box collides with a blue box. Am I missing something or OnIntersectionEnterTrigger is being triggered only when one object is actually inside the other (I tried disabling collisions)?

I really don't wan't to use box.onCollide = function(collidedMesh) { because it's being executed in a loop forever in a FPS-like game - even when there are no other meshes near you - onCollide() will still happen because collidedMesh is a ground.

It would be great to have a BABYLON.ActionManager.OnCollisionEnterTrigger and BABYLON.ActionManager.OnCollisionExitTrigger functions, which run only once, if it's impossible to get such functionality at the moment.

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@JohnK, thanks, but that breaks all default collisions with all other objects :( I need them.

But I've just got a great idea - I can make around my character the most basic box, make it a little bigger than character, fully transparent, red box will be it's parent - and check for ersectionEnterTrigger between it and blue box!

This will allow to save built-in collisions and add triggers for collisions with needed objects. Moreover it will be transparent - should be cheap calculations for WebGL.


What do you think?

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@Deltakosh, that makes a JavaScript code (getting an object, getting his name/id, comparing to the needed string, etc) execution in a loop forever :( I find it bad for performance and CPU load. Is it technically possible efficiently to implement BABYLON.ActionManager.OnCollisionEnterTrigger ? Like for intersections, but for collisions. If yes - avoiding onCollide for such tasks would greatly improve performance

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Is this still the allowJump problem. If I understand you correctly you only want a jump action possible if the "character" or "camera as character" is in contact with an object, for example the ground. So you want

If character in collision
    allowJump = true

If character exits collision
     allowJump = false


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@JohnK, no, but you gave me another great idea with jumping also :) I could use my idea with transparent child to detect whether I'm on a ground - allow jumping only if it intersects the ground. So just 1 trigger - no more infinite loops.

But in this case I'm thinking about an efficient way to walk upstairs. If I collide with a stair - move me UP and FORWARD a little. And again - no more infinite loops, just simple trigger, which runs once after collision with stairs.


But as always - sounds good.. but need to try to realize it

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