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Question about game.paused


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I notice with a lot of events, like focus/blur or clicking the game, games are automatically unpaused. For example, this issue: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/36 was resolved by unpausing when the game receives a click event.


This means that if I set game.paused to true, the next time a player clicks the game the game unpauses. 


I was wondering what is my best option if I want to force the game to be paused regardless of whether the user clicks the game? For example, player clicks a pause button and I want to keep the game showing in the background.


Should I just listen for the onPause and onResume signals and reset to game.paused = true; or is there a better way to override the default behaviour?



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I think I was doing game.paused = true in a create function for the game.


Then when a visibilityChanged event happened, when the game regained focus, the game unpaused.


However, I realised if I put game.paused = true in the update loop it paused until I changed it to game.paused = false.

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