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SceneLoader ImportMesh Workflow Order


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my project is still in the beginning - so after i start my browser there is no menu. My model, slider and labels are directly visible.

And unfortunately only 1 javascript file but thats topic for the next weeks..

My question is: i debugged my code and wonder why the "BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh(...){...}; is the last one executed.

The functions outside the ImportMesh function can't access. Only the sliders in runtime.

How is the workflow for loading the mesh and after its loaded the other functions can work with my meshes.


Hope you can understand my problem :)

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You can only access an imported mesh after it has loaded. The function

3 hours ago, learn3d said:


is only executed after the meshes are loaded and is therefore where you can safely manipulate the imported meshes.

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