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Best way to handle multiple source textures in PIXI filter


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I want to make a filter that uses multiple source textures. Each source texture is the same size (or, will be scaled to the same size).

I've played around with a few different ways of handling this, without much success. I had a look at the guide to create filters in v4 but the documentation for this case leaves a little to be desired.

I've been somewhat successful but there are still certain issues:

  • The second texture seems to be slightly scaled up, leading to misalignment and a weird margin.
  • Whenever the sprite goes out of bounds, the coordinate systems go out of whack.

You can see the issue in action in this jsfiddle. I need a way to have the source textures line up perfectly, without the misalignment/weird margin. (we can ignore rotation!) 

'autoFit' must be true for my application for performance reasons.

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If you have problems with coordinates, you can try to create sprite renderer plugin instead of a Filter:  https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-plugin-example 

There's one active thread about it: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/4553

I'm sorry but I cant find the small snippet that @yahiko made for it.


As for filter, to posiition texture correctly you need extra sprite. Look at how DisplacementFilter works - it calls special functions that calculates position of sprite relative to filter area. https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/tree/dev/src/filters/displacement

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Need to clip vFilterCoord , like its done here: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/tree/dev/src/core/renderers/webgl/filters/spriteMask . That maskClamp has to be (0.5, 0.5, w-0.5, h-0.5) / (w,h) corresponding to your texture.

Sorry for ambigious answer, if you fail to understand it in a day or two, ill give you more info and may be write code. But I certainly dont want to post whole solution right now. Consider it an exercise :)

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@ivan.popelyshev Thanks! I'm not having much luck as I am struggling to understand both why such clipping is necessary (Does PIXI bleed textures internally or something to overcome some webgl issues?), as well as where the (0.5, 0.5, w-0.5, h-0.5) / (w,h) comes from. I also can't find any documentation on the texture transform that the sprite mask example uses, and how that factors in here.

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