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Problems with Text


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Hi Guys.

I'm new of PixiJS and i have 2 problems with Text object.

1) when i set "center" the align property in the textstyle, the content start always from left side.

2) as in actionscript3, there is a way to intercept the changing of the text when i change his content?


Thank you

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Hello, fellow Flash user! Pixi has different API, but most of things from Flash can be mapped. I know that flash text API contained more stuff than Pixi.

1) You can change "anchor" property to 0.5, it will work like a Sprite - generated texture center will appear in position of element.

2) https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/src/core/text/Text.js#L119 that function is lazy, its called from multiple places. You can override it or "set text" thingy from outside, I hope you know how to do it in js.

If you want to know more about text, look in the same directory - its all we have on text. There's also BitmapText but its usage is limited to cases when you need max performance on text.


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