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pointSize of shaderMaterial


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It’s not generic if it’s a shader material and you did not inclued the point cloud stuff.

a shader material you define yourself or compile from other shaders.  So if there is no point cloud support on the shaderMaterial then it won’t do anything.  The only reason it works with standard material is that shader has it set up and a setter for the variable pointSize that sets the value on the effect when it’s changed I’m assuming.

@NasimiAsl what’s the quickest way to add point cloud support to his shader? 

I would just copy and paste the fragment code for the pointcloud stuff outta the standardMaterials shader. 

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great, i get what you mean now.

i assumed that since it is possible to use things like .wireframe = true; and .pointsCloud = true; with shaderMaterial, then pointSize would also be supported, but i get your point now.

some help with copy pasting the pointsCloud code from the standardMaterial would be much appreciated.

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If wireframe and pointCloud work then point size should work, odd. When I get home I’ll take a look.



I do not see anything here for wireframe or pointCloud support.  

Ill get you a better awnser once I’m off my phone and on a pc.

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if you can find distance formula you can manage that by discard  need more  time to calculate that

y = f( length(vPositionW-vEyePosition) ) ; f is  your formula


it is not depend your shader that control by webgl base kernel so you can just discard that

find that :) i am stupid most of the time




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