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Efficient orbit lines for planets?


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Hi Everyone!

Can anyone suggest an efficient way to dynamically draw an ellipse that represents the orbit of a rotating planet?

I've tried a few different things but so far they've all been too performance heavy.


First, I added simple spheres trailing each planet that acted as orbit trace markers.

That works, but is way too slow.

Second, I tried creating a tube to represent the orbit by capturing an array of planet positions, and then using Path3D and getCurve to create a tube.

That also works, but is again too slow.


However, something like this *might* be fast enough:

1. Capture the planet's positions at point A and point B.

2. Use those two points to extrapolate an ellipse.

3. Draw the ellipse.


Does that make sense, and, if so, does anyone know how to do that?




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