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Spriter Player for Phaser playback problem

Uncle Stoo

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We're having a nightmare trying to incorporate Spriter into our project. It seems that the Spriter library doesn't like sprites living in subfolders within the project. 

So, as a test, we placed some frames in the project root folder, and made an animation from them (http://psygnomi.com/tmp/FailTest.zip). Here we get:
Cannot set frameName: 
...with each animation frame displayed. Nothing animates.
However, if I change line 3575 in spriter.js to this:
                this._sprite.frameName = file.name + '.png';
by adding the "+ '.png' " part, it works. (http://psygnomi.com/tmp/WorkingTest.zip)
If we try the modified library with a project containing frames within folders, we get the same problem. I think it stems from Spriter incorporating the folder path into the frame name, but referencing it using only the filename.
Obviously, placing hundreds if not thousands of sprite animation frames in the root folder isn't helpful, and will take many days to re-animate everything.

Any help is greatfully received and appreciated.

Mark & Stoo
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