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Babylon Scene vs some Model


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Is there any way to treat a scene like a model. Load, position, scale, rotate? And what is the difference between the two anyway. 

When I Execute BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append I have nothing to reference to  Load, or position, or scale, or rotate.

If there is link that talks about this I did not see it. 



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Sorry to "bump" an old topic, but is there a better way to get the results--the appended bits--from BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append() ?

I believe I understand the concept above--mark everything that's already loaded before calling BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append(), at which point everything that's not marked can be assumed to come from the file load. The trouble is, if multiple files are being loaded, there's no guarantee that all of the new meshes, lights and cameras came from the same file when this append's onSuccess fires. (This is assuming file loading happens async.)

I suppose it would be possible to use BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load() to instead put the results into a new (hidden) scene, loot that scene for parts, then delete it. That feels like a lot of overhead though. Any ideas?

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