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SVG loading causes stacking of images


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I was hoping to use SVG assets for my images, just to remove the step of generating the PNGs from my source graphics. I tried loading an SVG asset with game.load.image() and found to my delight that it worked without any problem! However, once I added a second SVG image being loaded, I found a problem. It seems the SVG loading must re-use a canvas or buffer internally, which isn't cleaned out, because whichever asset is loaded second will always have a copy of the first SVG behind it when used in any sprites.


function preload() {  game.load.image('food', 'assets/food.svg');  game.load.image('cell_blue', 'assets/cell_blue.svg');}

When I do this, I can't display any cell_blue sprites without them having a bit of food sticking out from behind them. Is there anyway I could work around this? In the mean time, I'll stick to generating my PNG rasterizations by hand.

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