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SPS.computeParticleVertex = true error


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first of all, sorry if ive posted in the wrong section, but i wasnt sure if this was a bug or user error! 


here is a playground of what im trying to do for work, please excuse the eye as i am unable to use the actual texture. its basically a wake for a boat. 

in the above playground the wake grows in the y axis. 

but I additionally need it to grow in the x axis but the buttom two verts at a faster rate than the top two. 

I created a updateParticleVertex function which worked perfectly using Babylon version 3.0

unfortunately I had to update to 3.1.1 (and have also tried 3.2.0-alpha2) which now when i uncomment line 48 - 

localScene.SPS.computeParticleVertex = true; 

- it throws the following error - SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'length' of undefined or null reference. which points to a minified piece of code even though i downloaded the un minified option ( this is the line it is pointing to if this helps - babylon.custom.js (17,29530)) 

I am using IE11 (unfortunately) due to customer request.

is this a bug or can anyone tell me where my user error is? 

thanks and please do ask me a question if i am being unclear in any way! 

Thanks again,



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Seems weird indeed ...

I'll check this as it seems (probably) related to the particle visibility. Currently my work PC is quite broken, I'll check this asap.

[EDIT] anyway, sounds weird because the updateParticleVertex() feature hadn't been modified for ages

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maybe something is now incompatible with it? it worked perfectly with 3.0 but I had to update as when I used the water material with 3.0 in IE11, i got a float4 issue, which I no longer get in 3.1 + 

or rather from trying to locate the bug, when i commented out the water material the float4 error went away... but anyways thats not an issue any more 

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