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load and dispose multiple scenes


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I have a script due tomorrow morning, and have asked a question on a seperate post which is the ideal solution. The only other solution I could show have for tomorrow is to start the renderloop, load an OBJ, and then dispose of the scene - but then the scene needs to begin loading new meshes after it detects a new path and mesh in an array, and render without any client interaction.

I can't figure out how to load several scenes - lets say 5 scenes - and load scene 1 for 30 seconds, destroy scene one, on destroy scene two loads on it's own, and this process continues until scene 5 is loaded and then disposed.

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What happens if you do something like:

var sceneArr = [s1,s2,s3,s4];
var activeScene = sceneArr[0];
var timeChunk = 30000;

activeScene = sceneArr[1]},timeChunk);
activeScene = sceneArr[2]},timeChunk*2);
activeScene = sceneArr[3]},timeChunk*3);

engine.runRenderLoop(function () { // Register a render loop to repeatedly render the scene

Might work... there is way better logic for this, bit this should be simple to understand.

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You might wish to keep one scene.  All meshes for "scene 1" would have layermask of 1,  "scene 2" layermask of 4, "scene 3" layermask of 8.

If you added a point light on your camera (light follows camera) , and set the layermask of them for the scene to currently display, then the other "scenes" meshes would simply be in-active.  Disposing of scenes could be disruptive.

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@dbawel, had to walk the dog before it got nasty.  What I meant by camera light is:

var light = new BABYLON.PointLight("cam-light", new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0), scene);
light.intensity = 0.8;
scene.beforeCameraRender = function () {
    // move the light to match where the camera is
    light.position = scene.activeCamera.position;
    light.rotation = scene.activeCamera.rotation;


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