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Bug with target update arcRotateCamera (1.8.5)


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The target update no longer works with the rotating camera. It worked before. The code that I have given you in the link worked and now when I click on ALT, all the scene disappears.

I used a camera free to move on the ground freely and then a rotating camera with the ALT key to observe an object.

Try this example. If you click ALT, this should go to a rotating camera which turn around the Box, but the screen becomes purple. 

Test change camera with target update

Thank you Deltakosh

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I am confused. Yesterday it work not. Today I tested the example and it work. It may be my browser?

However, on my project in development, the bug was still present and i have resolved with parseFloat() (It is sometimes forgotten)

cameraArcRotative[0].target = new BABYLON.Vector3(parseFloat(_mesh.position.x), parseFloat(_mesh.position.y + 3), parseFloat(_mesh.position.z));
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Hey there !


I have a question if you managed to get it work.

I want, like dad72, define a target for my arcCamera as a mesh position. So I create my mesh and apply the target like this :

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("him", "models/Dude/", "Dude.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes, particleSystems, skeletons) {        // Get mesh and initialize it	dude = newMeshes[0];	dude.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0);	// Adjust camera relative to mesh	arcCamera.target = dude.position;});

All is ok, the camera aims the mesh.

I move my mesh with keyboard inputs and the camera follows perfectly the mesh.


But I just want to put my camera a little higher, to have a better overview.


So I replace

arcCamera.target = dude.position;

by :

arcCamera.target = new BABYLON.Vector3(dude.position.x, dude.position.y+3, dude.position.z);

When I initialized the scene, great, this is how I wanted !

But when I move my mesh, the camera does not follow :(

Neither with the parseFloat suggestion by dad72.


I don't know if when I define the target as mesh.position, this is a pointer on a Vector3 ?

And with the 2nd solution, the Vector is simply copied when created ?


If you have any suggestions to help me putting my camera a little higher, it could be great :D

Thanks !



EDIT : It works only if I define the target as the 2nd way in a loop, so the computation is made every time.

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This is logical. The camera uses its target as an object. I mean, if you give the position of the mesh it will use mesh.position each time. If you use "new BABYLON.Vector3(dude.position.x, dude.position.y+3, dude.position.z);" then you create a new object no longer related to the mesh.position (It is just a copy ten)

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