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BabylonJS Dynamic Terrain Doc examples not working


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I suspect something to do with arcrotate camera ?

There is a delay between start of mouse move and the camera movement.

Once the camera starts moving the scene is responsive.

The moment I stop  moving the mouse  and then start moving it again there is a big lag before the camera starts moving again

The lag is more on chrome less on firefox

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well, this is strange because this lag didn't exist initially and the extension wasn't modified for ages... I have no idea why it behaves that way now. As you say, mabe something changed with the arcrotate camera behavior since 

This demo still runs and also became a bit laggy on my computer compared to the original release : http://jerome.bousquie.fr/BJS/demos/flightSim.html especially in chrome what used to be the fastest and the smoothest browser of my Linux. Since the v63 release, I noticed that things started to went wrong. No idea whether it's the reason though.

I will have to investigate this and profile accurately.


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