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BabylonJS Dynamic Terrain Collision fps issue


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I took your original document example


and turned on collision and gravity


When you move the camera around the fps drops from 60 to around 30

Is there anything which we can do to prevent this?

Also camera tends to get stuck from time to time.


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nice pg @waverider

I am trying to use Dynamic terrain with my Character Controller.

Here I have an ArcRotateCamera following a Character.

If i turn on  checkCollosion on the camera, the FPS drops to 21-25.

If I turn it off, FPS goes back up to 60,


The camera does not collide with anything. It just follows the character.

The character has collision turned on.

You would think  collision on the character would make a difference.

After all it is the character which is colliding with the terrain

But no. It is collision on camera which makes the difference!!

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the most efficient way to check collisions with a dynamic terrain or any BJS Ground objects (although they aren't the same) keeps to use the methods getHeightAtCoordinates(x, z) and getNormalAtCoordinates(x, z) or getHeithFromMap(x, z) and getNormalFromMap(x, z) depending on the object class



It's hundreds of times fastest.

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