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Collision and movement restriction in webVR?


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For the normal camera, we can have bounding mesh which has collision enabled and that way we can restrict camera movement to the certain area.

But the WebVR camera is free and doesn't respect the collision, So how to restrict the movement of the user in the model?  

Note: This is not about Room Scale and guardian system. This is about restricting camera movement including teleportation to a certain area inside VR. 


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You can restrict teleportation to a set of meshes by specifying the name of the floor mesh or a list of meshes:

addTeleportation() has a parameter vrTeleportationOptions

You can add/remove meshes on the fly with addFloorMesh(mesh) and removeFloorMesh(mesh).

What about attaching (parenting) a bounded mesh to the camera to restrict movement of the user?

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We have our own implementation of teleportation etc and not using vrExperienceHelper. (We did it before vrExperienceHelper was introduced). 

We could do same in our implementation (having floor meshes or teleportation enabled meshes) but the problem is we have secondary navigation which works with joystick and that can't be limited that way. 

Can't ellipsoid based camera collision on webVRCamera be possible like it does in free camera?  

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