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Going from Processing / P5 to Pixi questions

Glenn Marshall

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Just wondering if any of you could help me beginning to use Pixi.  I normally use Processing & P5, and these are the main things I'm not sure of at the minute..

How would I do the following matrix / global type transformations in Pixi..



also, how would I create an overlay layer, independent of the global transformations above, so that I can place UI elements or HUD text.

Thanks for now.   


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Every element has a transform, its applied to element and its children. There's no push and pop, global transforms are recalculated for each element if something was changed. Of course you can assume that its pushed when you go inside and popped when you're out, the result should be the same. However, push and pop are used only for filters.

For your case,

container.position.set(100, 50);

Container and its children will be affected.

Its declarative, order is always "position,rotation,scale,pivot" , it doesnt matter if you change the order of lines. You have to write your own Transform class to change the order: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/src/core/display/TransformStatic.js

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