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[SOLVED] + Proceedural Creation of Geometry


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I need to create allot of boxes proceeduraly, and cannot figure out how. I tried many methods to create meshes (boxes), but nothing works. I tried the same code in the following playground scene;


But I keep getting the message in the console that the variable function is not a constructor.

Example using the code from the playground as a test in my scene: TypeError: YellowStar is not a constructor

Please help if you can.



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Did you run the code independent of the playground? It works fine for me on the playground, but not in my scene. However, I just reduced 70 lines of code to 30 lines - with 40 seperate imported and native meshes animating on screen. You'd be surprised what I'm building these days. Although I still have to experiment allot.

Did you get the job in Colorado?


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