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[solved] Direct Camera manipulation for rotation/direction


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I have an ECS engine and want to keep the camera, input, and entities separate.  In this case the GameCamera is a system that is assigned an entity to read it's position and direction from and update the BabylonJS camera with.  I already have a working Controller system that attaches to the scene's `onKeyboardObservable` and I am going to use the `onPointerObservable` for mouse movement.

However I don't see how to set the `Camera` view direction, only it's position.  Is there no simple way to either specify a normal vector3 for direction or a rotation radian and an up vector? I don't see anything in the documentation or in the source, what am I missing?


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Thanks for the help, the TargetCamera and setTarget did the trick but I am running into a new issue.

My Camera position is outside of a box, however when I turn the camera around, the camera cuts through the box and due to back culling everything disappears. I made a room by placing 1x1x1 cubes in a grid, 5x5 with the middle 2x2 open space. If I move the camera close to a box or into the corners of the room the camera cuts through the boxes.  But the position of the camera is still outside of the box space.

Here is a gif of the effect:

How can I determine if the viewport? is going to cut into a box and keep myself from getting that close? Thanks!

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