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Distorting textured objects - ideas required


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although I don't have enough spare time to create games at the moment, I'm playing a bit around with code to understand game mechanics. At the moment I'm teaching myself soft body dynamics.

I can create an entity consisting just of cordinates (say a sphere) and play around with their shape, wobbling, squishing etc. But I'm at a loss at how to bind a texture to them that actually distorts according to the coord changes; preferrably in a way performant enough to use it in a game, and most preferrably done in Pixijs.

Maybe I'll have to cut the texture into a mesh, bind UV coordinates to them and then use something like three.js to render it?

I see that e.g. Dragonbone has some way to add meshes to characters - plus it can be used from pixi. Will it distort textures properly when I modify mesh coordinates, or is this information only used when exporting animations?

What other approaches can you think of?

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If your sphere consists of some kind of geometry with uv mapped textures, distorting the geometry should as well distort the displayed texture.

According to the API of PIXI http://pixijs.download/release/docs/PIXI.mesh.Mesh.html: You should (for example) specify both vertices and their UV coordinates, if you want to have this performant you need to distort the verticies in your vertex shader as well: http://pixijs.download/release/docs/PIXI.Shader.html

Please note that I have not tried this.

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