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3d drag and drop menu


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Hi. As the title say, I'm trying to do a menu with 3d objects and you can drag objects from menu to the scene. It is basic yet. :) I'll add more features soon.
I've been trying to fix it for a while, so I decided to ask for help :D
So it's simple. We have a scene with a grid, and on top a menu with 3d objects.
The mesh that holds the 3d objects is parented to the camera., and about 300 on z axis.
I create a transparent plane at the same distance from camera and parent it to camera too, for drag and drop. It works well, but on drop I want to project the position of the 3d object on the grid somehow, but I do not figure it out. :( So I decide to put it on midle default.
Here is the sample: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#ANU67L#3
#line 131 is the default, and on #line 130 i tried something but without succes.

Any help are welcome. Pace and love :D

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