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Refresh efficiency of the shape


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Either provide more information, either learn how WebGL acceleration works and how pixi renders sprites. Not everything you think about is actually slow. Default pixi behaviour is to render everything every frame, you cant change that unless you have a clear idea of how to optimize something. Not like "may be if i dont move things and cache this..." , but "I really know how webgl works and im ready to spend time on this particular optimization suited for my project"

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That sounds like you are looking for a wrong solution to a wrong problem, sure sometimes you want to optimize things but sometimes all you need to do to get the best performance is the CORRECT approach. Seems like you have a bunch of static object and a few or one non static but because of your setup they all need refreshing even though only one does really need it or something close to that. The solution is not to optimize anything here, the solution is to not set your objects like that in the first place. object that don't need updating > in container that don't need updating, objects that need updating > in container that needs updating ... ect .... With any technology you will never be able EVER to optimize anything that has been badly thought of and badly put together in the first place, it seems this is where you need to start.

Tell us why your setup is like this and tell us what's your goal in doing it like this and I bet we'll be able to help you set it up in a way that won't require any optimization.

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