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Tilemap: tile height not working


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I am not sure if this is by design or a bug. I am using 1.1.3. I use Iso sprites to make a tile map. They have transparency. I set up the sprites correctly in tiled map editor. When I load the tile map the tile height is the same as the image height. I even went into the json file and changed the height of the tile to half the height of the image. This would give me the correct result. It doesn't work. The tile height still follows the image height. 


Here is my js code:

game.load.tileset('tiles', 'blueWall.png', 128,192);

 Here is my json code at half height

"tileheight":96, "tilesets":[        {         "firstgid":1,         "image":"blueWall.png",         "imageheight":192,         "imagewidth":128,         "margin":0,         "name":"blueWall",         "properties":            {            },         "spacing":0,         "tileheight":192,         "tilewidth":128        }], "tilewidth":128,
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