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Line System with a UV


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I have not tested it, but I was wondering if it was possible to pass a uv to the points on a Line system.
so like the first point would be at 0,0 and the last be at 1,0 or something similar?

I ask because I want to make a line that gets thicker as it gets close the end and this is part of the solution I cam up with.

Unless someone has a better method?

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How about vertex colors or uv's and one Triangle ? if you set vertex colors for your triangle alle the same it should be filled with that color. If you set - for example -  it's vertices correctly you can have a line with increasing thickness:


A possible triangle would be:

x = 0, y = 2, z=0

x = 100, y = 3, z=0

x = 100, y = 1, z=0

This would draw a "line" that's 2 units "thick" at it's end and is 100 units "long". If you want to use such a thing you could construct all kinds of lines, like adding a "rounded" head and so on. However this really depends on your needs. By supplying "uv's" you can map anything you want on your triangle.

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