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anybody wana help with bitcoin html5 games?


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Im going to build a website for people to pass around bitcoins ... with games.... 

i almost have a website, basic api and payment for bitcoin solution, written in nodejs .


im going to try to give the games a easy api to build on.


im using dogecoin as a test network(easy to get donations to test api) http://dogecoin.com

mongodb as my database

socket.io for websockets()

using heroku as hosting provider


if you dont know what bitcoins are, take a look at http://bitcoin.com


anybody wana help?





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Very interesting, bitcoin enthusiast myself here and I know of a few other HTML5 devs who are. Definitely want to keep up to date on this but not sure how I would be able to help and if I have any time for it. Drowning in work at the moment.


Been thinking about developing for bitcoin for a while but I don't have much experience in some of the key areas, in particular security, so it's just been a thought so far.


Anyway, what's the general concept you're trying to push towards? You mentioned passing around bitcoins with games, it's a little vague still. Happy to hear any elaboration on this :)

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So you want to incorporate bitcoin in HTML5 games? That's perfectly cool, huh. In fact, I've been playing in provably fair bitcoin casino for quite some time now. If you want to try HMTL 5 games; you can try betcoin.tm's slot reels. This is even perfect for you, because they use bitcoin in all their in house games.

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