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Pixi-particles Emitter position


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First post there, little bit nervous :P

I am currently developing a little game using PIXI, but got stucked with pixi-particle related problem.
Link to game

As anyone can see my player 'spells' aka particles, are changing their respective position with their emitter (emitter and particles are moving).
What i want to achive is comet-like animation (like when mousemoving, using Pixi-particles-editor).

Let's proceed to the code.

import { ParticleContainer, loader } from 'pixi.js';
import { Emitter } from 'pixi-particles';
import { Spellbook as SPELLCONFIG } from './SpellTypes/Spellbook';

export default class Spell extends ParticleContainer {

    constructor(name, player) {

            scale: true,
            position: true,
            rotation: true,
            uvs: true,
            alpha: true

        this.name = name;
        this.playerName = player.name;

        this.spellEmitter = new Emitter(this, loader.resources.basicparticle.texture, SPELLCONFIG[name].emitter);
        this.spellEmitter.updateOwnerPos(player.x, player.y);

        this.direction = player.rotation;
        this.velocity = SPELLCONFIG[name].velocity;


    update(delta) {

        const newX = this.spellEmitter.ownerPos.x + Math.sin(this.direction) * this.velocity;
        const newY = this.spellEmitter.ownerPos.y - Math.cos(this.direction) * this.velocity;
        this.spellEmitter.updateOwnerPos(newX, newY);



Was trying to add resetTrackingPosition() before updateOwnerPosition() after analyzing pixi-particles example code. (and dozen of other solutions, but nothings worked as i intended)

Imho, theres something deeply misunderstood by me about pixi-particles system, so i have to ask here :)

Oh, whole game code can be found at my github project page. (Folder Spells is the one with particles code)

There are spells named "avada", "bariero", "stupefy" with their configuration (precisely - emitter settings) files.

PS. i am aware of particleContainers not being destroyed.

PS2. Sorry for my English, it's not my native. But tryin my best ;)

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I have an array of 'casted spells' in SpellManager object.
Updating game, updates every single particleContainer aka spell.

import Spell from './Spell';
import { Spellbook as SPELLBOOK } from './SpellTypes/Spellbook';

export default class SpellsManager {

    constructor(player, gameContext) {

        this.gameContext = gameContext;
        this.player = player;
        this.spellNames = SPELLBOOK.names;
        this.currentPlayerSpell = this.spellNames[0];
        this.castedSpells = [];


    nextSpell() {

        let nextIndex = this.spellNames.indexOf(this.currentPlayerSpell);
        nextIndex = ++nextIndex % (this.spellNames.length);
        this.currentPlayerSpell = this.spellNames[nextIndex];


    castCurrent() {

        const spell = new Spell(this.currentPlayerSpell, this.player);


    update(delta) {

        this.castedSpells.forEach(spell => {






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