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Embedding BabylonJS in a UWP Webview


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I am trying to build my 3D application using BabylonJS and I am trying to Embed it as a webview in a UWP XAML application.

Since UWP's webview uses Edge's engine (correct me if I am wrong here), everything should hopefully work well. I tried out some primitive 3D objects and this was indeed the case. However, when I tried going into VR, it didn't work. I used the default VR experience method and it gives a good immersive view on edge, but on UWP that button isn't clickable.

Is it possible to achieve what I am trying to do? If yes, is there an alternate way? Or am I missing something out?


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Hi. I do confirm that WebVR, and thus Babylon.js WebVR samples, work fine in a JS UWP app. If you're running an Insider Fast 17101 build, it will work. Please note this will be available only for JavaScript UWP apps, the XAML WebView will be updated to support WebVR in a future version of Windows. 

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