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Making a sprite turn to an angle by a constant degree each tick


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I am new to phaser and I'm stuck at really simple thing. I have a sprite which i want to rotate towards mouse. I tried using various functions like getShortestAngle (since when it comes to 180 degrees, it picks the angle around it) with custom math with little to no success but I also stumbled upon another function.

The function is called rotateToAngle and it does what i want, but it glitches when going through angle 0 and PI (0 and 180 degrees). It instantly locks onto the target without the step then and it proceeds to work normally.

Also a minor notice: It's third parameter is called lerp, but it isn't interpolated angle change but static change by a step.


I couldn't find any function on the net (except I know Construct 2 has such function and it's really useful). It took me more time than I'd like to say and I'm getting desperate with having that angle function (I made a challenge for myself to create a simple game in phaser in 1 week and I am stuck on such feature!).

I could provide video if the problem isn't described properly.

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