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The experience when controller 3d model is not available (ie: offline or slow to load) does not seem to degrade gracefully and offer a workable controller (ie: forward ray with no model and working buttons).  Maybe an option like "allowControllerInteractionWithoutModel" would be better, but it feels like this:
should be:

if (this.browserGamepad.axes) {
    if (this.browserGamepad.axes[2] != this.trackpad.x || this.browserGamepad.axes[3] != this.trackpad.y) {
        this.trackpad.x = this.browserGamepad["axes"][2];
        this.trackpad.y = this.browserGamepad["axes"][3];

    // Only need to animate axes if there is a loaded mesh
    if (this._loadedMeshInfo) {
        for (let axis = 0; axis < this._mapping.axisMeshNames.length; axis++) {
            this.lerpAxisTransform(axis, this.browserGamepad.axes[axis]);

Likely something else is involved here, so need to investigate more to find the underlying cause for sure, but I was unable to demo my project offline!  In the future I will set the MODEL_BASE_URL for all models and store locally.   Has anybody else had trouble with VR controllers offline?  A cursory look at the code seems to have fallbacks on everything...

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