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Performant ground height solution


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Hey Everyone, 

So I have a mesh which I use as ground, but since I need it exported from blender ( altogether with a navigation mesh ) I cant use the GroundMesh methods such as "getHeightAtCoordinates(x, z)". Right now I have implemented RayCasting for the task and is working quite good, however I need a more efficient way of doing it and since I am looking for one thought to ask here as well. If someone can point me to a direction how to approach this it would be amazing.


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getHeightAtCoordinates works only under the assumption that certain variables exist and are the ones who built the mesh. It is a form of cache that is stored in the class itself to fetch the height with minimum realtime computations (check the _computeHeightQuads function of GroundMesh to understand what is being done).

You could create the same form of cache, and fetch it without rays. There will be a bit of computation needed at the beginning, but it will be rewarding afterwards.

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