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Phaser 0.8 Update


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New in version 0.8:


DynamicTexture support.


This allows you to create complex effects on a single texture which is then duplicated to any sprites you specify, saving on processing. Two new examples demonstrating this in action uploaded to http://gametest.mobi/phaser/ (under the Sprites section). Personally I like driving the green slime around in test 2 :)


Fixed a few bugs with sprites throwing runtime errors if keys were invalid.


Added support to set a sprite frame based on the filename used in the JSON data, not just the frame index. Updated example 4 to show this.



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When we hit version 1.0 I'll start tagging, but for now it's still fresh enough to not massively impact anything. Here is a features list (in no specific order):


Tilemap Collision + sloping tiles support

Drastically improve the sound manager

Clickable/Draggable sprites (mostly done, just need some more time!)

Enhance the Tiled format support (multiple layers, collision layer)

Hit Masks for Sprites

Spline format support

Particle Designer support

Angel Font / Bitmap Font / Glyph Designer support

Paths and Path Editor

Native Tween system

Plugin support

Enhanced Control Handlers (based on my FlxControl classes)

Time Slicing support

WebGL support

Camera FX system


and more I can't even remember I'm sure :)

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I'm toying with it for 2 days now and must say it's amazing  :)


List for ver. 1.0 looks realy great  :D  keep up the great work.


That's really great to hear :)


If you make a cool demo I'd love to include it in the Test Suite. And if you find any bugs please report them, along with feature requests. There's only so far I can take it running on just my own ideas before feedback is essential.

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