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webVR quality pretty bad on mobile phones


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Dear Community,

On my desktop computer the webVR quality is good.

But on my phone (galaxy s8) everything looks like as if the engine was rendering at maximum half the resolution and then scaling the image up. This is also the case with the playground webvr example.

This concerns all browsers I tested ( by the way: only the Samsung Internet App has no issues weirdly enough )

Other examples from the web with native webVR don't have this problem and look great on the phone. Is there something I can do about this?

Thanks and cheers,


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I think only Samsung Internet (and Oculus Carmel) are supported for WebVR.  https://webvr.info/
If you want to increase the resolution then you can increase the canvas size.  I don't know if the playground does automatically, but did you try adaptToDeviceRatio (last param)?
ie: new Engine(canvas, true, undefined, true);

edit: Just checked on my s8 against the playground.  Try this PG:


It shows engine.getHardwareScalingLevel() == 1 (with devicePixelRatios of 1, 2.5 and 3 - I tested on those 3)  and window.devicePixelRatio = 3 on S8.  I think you need to run this in a PG, but in your own code you can do the new Engine(...) 4th parameter true:


Edit #2: another thing to consider is that your screen resolution is reduced when gear VR starts up.

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