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GPUParticles are not reset after targetStopDuration


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I switched to the new GPUParticleSystem, and I noticed, that the particles freeze on the screen in their last state, when the targeStopDuration was reached. This doesn't happen when using the normal ParticleSystem.

Is this a bug, or intended behaviour?

Here's a playground example:


(left box is normal ParticleSystem, right box is GPUParticleSystem, both using identical settings)


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Has this been fixed? I saw your commit about adding support for stop and die on gpuparticles, but it doesn't seem to be working. The targetStopDuration just stops the particles and does not reset them as the normal particlesystem variant does. Also by manually calling the reset() function, the gpu particle get visually removed, but still seems to use a draw call each until I restart the game. I'm using the current nightly version you've just published.

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