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Support for .GLB files? (binary of .glTF)


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Does anyone know if there is a loader for .GLB files?  I know there is one for .gltf

Facebook is allowing posting of 3D models but they must be in .GLB format.  You can see one of my posts here with my 3D scan 


I just thought it'd be cool to have a local viewer that I can create with BabylonJS to preview the .GLB files before uploading to Facebook.

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Hi. Yesterday I heard about this too. Very cool.
And I did a little research :)
From 3ds max, you can export using babylonjs exporter as gltf or glb. I tried directly to glb but unfortunatelly I got an error on facebook glb validator, something about format, so I cann't upload it to facebook, but I can import it to babylonjs using glTFFileLoader.
Second try was to export from 3ds max to gltf and convert to glb using this. In this way I can upload it to facebook and import it to babylonjs using glTFFileLoader too. 

So as a conclusion you can use glTFFileLoader for glb file too, it should work.

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6 hours ago, JCPalmer said:

Just remember to check the terms.  I heard Facebook then owns it.  Might be ok for samples.

I've checked and as far as I can see from supporting documentation is that the terms are the same as images and other content.  They don't own it exclusively.  The disclaimers stop them getting sued for how and where the content appears within Facebook.  They're not going to be selling our content to Turbosquid for extra dollars.

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I think the other site where I saw this are operating not based on facts, or very old Facebook Terms.  They were changing terms a lot in the early days.  3D models might evenenjoy a technical advantage over images from the people you allow to see it.  Browser does not have a right click menu item to save.  By the time they are on the screen, they are not really even files.  You REALLY got to want to grab it, and the skill to do so.

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