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Penalty for removing all children and adding them again?

Chris Smith

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just a quick question. Is there any performance penalty for removing all children of a container and adding them again every frame?

My question basically - is pixi doing any diffing on that side or should i do it?

I'm writing simple event based game in 'React' style with Redux as a state container and event emiter if you will and Pixi as rendering layer.

If I should approach it completely differently please let me know.




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No diffing, but you lose static transforms optimization. Its a minor issue, because PixiJS is supposed to handle the stage where everything is moving every frame. Its recent addition, PixiJS v3 didnt have that optimization.

There can be a problem because removeChildren creates extra array with removed elements, and if you do that for every container, and you have a lot of them, each frame, it might clog the GC. Its beetter to avoid constant memory allocations each frame. If you have that problem, please patch removeChildren.

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Make your own container if those two methods arent effective for you. PixiJS is not a black box, you are supposed to hack it if your case is performance-heavy. We dont allow over-complicated PR's because of that.

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