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Destroying sounds - best practice


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Hi all

I am using Angular 4 and creating an interface which has a number of games.  They load in a modal (i.e. no page refresh/change) and I then destroy them with this.phaserGame.destroy(true);

I have background audio that I am playing with the following:

preload () : void
  this.load.audio('bg', [

this.p() just gets the relative path.

create () : void
  this.sound_bg = this.sound.add('bg', { loop: true });

When I destroy and reload the game, the background audio object seems to still be in the DOM and plays over itself on second game launch.

I've had a look through the documentation and tried removeByKey() remove() and destroy() in the BaseSoundManager() namespace just before destroying the game.

None of these seem to solve the problem though.

What is best practice for completely destroying sounds please?

Thank you!

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Thanks very much @samme - I am actually using the latest version of Phaser, but I just had another look at my code.  It's pretty complicated in there now and it looks like there was one instance where I wasn't destroying the game properly, but just closing the modal.  I've amended it now and so far it appears to have done the trick.  So I'll do some more testing.  

Thank you and sorry for wasting your time if it was this.

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