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[SOVLED] Imported Animation Problem


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We created 2 versions of an animate crane in 3DS Max 2017.  One has animated pivot points, the other is rigged with bones.  I tested both animations in BablylonJS as .babylon file and as glTF files.  Both have this loose, floating-like appearance where the animations are happening.  There are no issues with the animation when played in 3DS Max.  Does anyone have insight on how to fix this?  Below is an example of the crane with animated pivot points:


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Hi guys!

dj...  might want to read this... http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/34717-how-to-load-local-obj-file/?do=findComment&comment=199549

I like using my free github account to store .obj and .babylon files.  It rocks.  Probably can't store the entire planet in there, but a few goodies.

You probably want a HUGE storage area, right - mister modeler?  (I love heavy equipment models.  LOVE 'EM! )

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