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SPS on random position of parent


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Hi, For yesterday I was using bake particle system in blender to render nature elements in scene. By now i want to change that to SPS. This should be better (from optimization point of view) than instances and additional export scene with many elements take a lot of time. So i prepare asset with nature elements and simple scene with house. In scene is mesh named "Plane.004", which render particle system in blender, so I want use this plane to generate elements on it using SPS. 

PG: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#199KHL#17

My questions:

1. I need help with get random position of mesh. This can't be JS random int, because in center of plane is place for road, so there i don't need any element.
2. All of this SPS elements is static, so optimization used in PG enough?

Thanks Tom

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#2 : you're already the best optimization by using a immutable SPS (updatable = false). No need for setting the computeParticleXXX properties to false then, they aren't just used.

#1 : not sure to understand what you're trying to achieve

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I finish create particle from SPS on random position of custom mesh - using Vertices Data. Just look https://playground.babylonjs.com/#199KHL#20

But i have another problem with SPS. There is 3 objects Fern, Spruce and ground_plants. In all of them i change Y position to see how it should look, but using SPS unfortunately, they look different. 

Spruce wood is broken.

Fern and Ground plants looks like artifact.

Is possible to fix that?


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