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Why is the client GPU affecting the Player Movement Speed globally?


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I'm aware that the client's computer GPU might affect the game's performance (smoothness and freezing). But the game I'm creating now is being affected differently.
The client's GPU is literally affecting his player movement speed globally (even on the other player's views, not only locally for him).

If you check other .io games like agar.io and diep.io, even with a slow computer, you will notice that the player movement speed is is the same (based on the same player level). It skips a few frames and it isn't smooth at all. But the movement speed is the same.

Every player on my game needs to have the same movement speed (that's one of the most important features of my game).

I've also noticed that if I'm using the maximized window, the game slows down. But if I use like half browser screen, it comes back to being fast again:

It wasn't supposed to happen.
If you need further information from me, please let me know.

Please help. Thanks in advance.


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it would be very helpful if you show us your player movement code and tell if it's multiplayer game (you use networking).
my first guess for singleplayer game is that you do not move them by speed multiplied by delta time, but just by speed. maybe you have set fixed time step but that stops working well if frame takes longer to process than fixed time step gives it available time.

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Yes, it is a multiplayer game, kind of like agario and diepio. You can check it at http://flagz.io (you won't see any players there because I haven't advertised it yet. Still in beta testing)

If you want to check the multiplayer factor, I'd suggest you to open the game in 2 tabs or 2 different browsers.

If you have a pretty good PC, you won't see any different in the move speed. But you can try to open the game in many tabs until your PC slows down. Then you will notice that move speed difference.

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