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LOD giving me problems.


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I loaded meshes with BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh and saved them into an array (Not shown here to make an easier example).   

There was only one mesh per babylon file. 

        BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("",'models/numbers/',''sample.babylon',scene,function(meshes,particlesystems,skeletons) {        




Later I cloned the mesh array

sample2[x]  = Sample[x].clone(); 
sample2[x] .addLODLevel(400,null);

Because Sample needed to be seen all the time and sample2 did not, sample2 is later instanced because there is a lot of them and  

needed an LOD.  Great, but something is very wrong. 

When I include the sample2 array meshes as soon as the become visible items from the Sample[] array disappear. 

HELP? I really don't get whats going on. I thought Clone would create new meshes independent of the orginal. Is that not true?




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"the null in .addLODLevel(400,null); should be a mesh"

actually not if you want the stuff to not be seen at distance xx away. 

In the example the mesh is set to null to make the knot disappear. 


-->knot00.addLODLevel(55, null);


As for reproduction thats where this gets complicated. 

I am not sure I can. I guess I can try with the knots example


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