setInteractive() on a whole group

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I would like to make a group interactive.

The following did not work


Then just to add the resulting code to discover which sprite was clicked needs to me access the sprite-key, i have been looking for it but I can't seem to find it (mainly because most code functions using 'this')

spriteCat2.on('pointerdown', function () {
   var thisSpriteName = this.key;


any help would be appreciated!


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You could do:


To figure out which sprite was clicked there are several ways of doing it. Either the 'gameobjectdown' events, or listen on the sprite itself. There's a tutorial about exactly this here:

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Just to elaborate on Rich's answer since it wasn't abundantly clear to me because I'm a noob and I had to fiddle with it a bit...


this.input.setHitArea(groupName.getChildren()).on('gameobjectdown', function(pointer, gameObject) {



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