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ability to open files with a phaser app packaged in nodejs/cordova/electron


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I've been thinking of making a simple video player, with some fun and unique features. Now phaser supports a lot of the methods that I need.However one very key problem arises from it's web nature:

How do I make my phaser app know that it has been initialized with a file to open?

In windows when you click on a file and open it with your app, the app takes the path to the file as a command parameter like this:

>myapp.exe "D://file/path/myfile.jpg"

On android I have no idea how it happens- but I am assuming its similar.


Now when your app is inside a container, how the hell do you code it to get the cmd parameter from the container?

So when we start it like this:

>myPhaserAppInsideElectron.exe "D://file/path/myfile.jpg"

It starts AND opens myfile.jpg


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