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Bullet go on mouse position


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Hello guys,

I'm trying to make a little game with pixi,

My character can shoot fireball, but i want to them they go on the mouse position (current cursor position) like the screen.

here my bullet code if you need it

//create fireball

       var fireball = new PIXI.Texture.fromImage("public/tileset/fireball1.png");
        var bullets = [];
        var bulletSpeed = 1;

        function shoot(x,y, mX, mY){ //mX and mY = mouseX mouseY
            var fb = new PIXI.Sprite(fireball);
            fb.x = x;
            fb.y = y;
            fb.goToX = mX;
            fb.goToY = mY;

        document.addEventListener("click", function(e){
            shoot(player.x,player.y,e.clientX, e.clientY);

function animate(e){

            for(var b=bullets.length-1;b>=0;b--){
                bullets[b].x += bulletSpeed;
                bullets[b].y -= bulletSpeed;

I tried to make it but was not fonctionnal haha.

If someone have a idea for do it let me know please ! :)

Thanks  and sorry for my bad english ! 



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Calculate a vector from player to target, then normalize it and then on each render pass just add the vector amount multiplied by speed to bullets position.

Short pseudoexample:

var bulletSpeed = 5;
var bullets = [];

function shoot(){
  var direction = new Point();
  direction.x = target.x - player.x;
  direction.y = target.y - player.y);

  var length = Math.sqrt( direction.x*direction.x + direction.y*direction.y);

  var bullet = new Sprite();
  bullet.direction = direction;

function animate(){
  for( var i = 0; i < bullets.length; i++){
    bullet.x += bullet.direction.x*bulletSpeed;
    bullet.y += bullet.direction.y*bulletSpeed;
    //Hit detection here

I can make a proper example at some point if needed.

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