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Issue with context 2d


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I've recently found something slightly odd when creating a texture from a canvas, I was hoping someone could help me understand what exactly is happening, as well as if theres a solution to the issue. The problem I'm encountering, is that anytime I create a texture from a canvas, and call...

canvas.getContext( '2d' );


my ram consumtion seems to go higher than if I don't call the getContext function. This isn't the only issue though, as anytime i try to clear the texture, the ram that the texture consumed doesn't seem to be freed either. Here's a screenshot to show the comparision.


In both examples, I've created a blank canvas with the size of 10,000x10,000( just for testing purposes ). The only difference in each example, is that the top screenshot does not call getContext, while the bottom one does. You can see quite a large difference in the amount of ram consumed, as well as that the memory isn't cleared in the bottom one, even after removing it's parent and destroying it. 

If anyone can provide any insight as to why this is happening or has a solution to the issue, I'd greatly appreciate it. :D

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@ivan.popelyshev Haha, yeah, I don't actually use any canvas objects that size, I was just using it so that the ram usage was more visible, the issue happens to me on smaller images as well, it's just easier to see with a larger canvas. I'd previously tried setting the canvas to null, as well as setting it's size back down to 0 before doing so, I also tried as @Exca suggested, and tried forcing garbage collection, however my ram still does not free up, and again, it's only when the canvas.getContext('2d') is called, which really strikes me as odd, reguardless It's not that big of a deal I guess, mostly it's just a curiosity to me. Also the ram DOES eventually free up on it's own( just not all of it ) if i let it run for about 5 minutes. Also I just had another person try this out, and on their end it seemed to work fine for both examples, so it might just be something to do with hardware(?),  since I've already checked drivers, and ran several scans to make sure everythings running smooth on my computer. Either way thanks for the words of advice, it's much appreciated :D

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