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Fool the Frustum Culling


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I am assuming the frustum culling is based off of boundingbox.   Because all the blades of grass are positioned dead center and are offset in the shader when you look side to side the blade will disappear from the rendering list when the center of the zone is obfuscated/out of range.

Is there a way around this, I was kinda thinking I could manually adjust the bounding box and that might do it but Im not sure.

If you set the density too high, it gives an error... how do you enable higher polycounts again?


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Got it.

with this workaround:

var _bb = new BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox('tempBox', 1, scene);
_bb.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(this.args.zoneSize.x, this.args.bladeHeight*2.0, this.args.zoneSize.y);
_bb.position.y = (this.args.bladeHeight*2.0)*0.5;
mesh._boundingInfo = _bb._boundingInfo;
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