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Walking up/down vertical stairs


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I'm trying to implement a walking up/down vertical stairs, for example from the ground to the roof. Unfortunately I have no completely working ideas. Somehow player's mesh should:

1. With WS keys move Up/Down when he is next to the stairs;

2. When he is at the top of the stairs - he should go forward instead of Up, to the roof, without falling down after disconnecting from the stairs;

3. When his mesh is walking down and reaching the ground - he should "disconnect" from the stairs and start walking normally with the same S key pressed.


Could you give me some ideas how this should be implemented?




NOTE: vertical stairs :) not standard diagonal, but vertical. Like here -old-stair-vertical-industrial-metal-rust

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Hiya K-doggy!


Hold W, then later... S.  Wingy goofin' around.  :)  As you mentioned in PM, it is a fairly complicated operation, indeed.  Needs a supercomputer or something.  :/ 

I'm using more actionManagers than a Rube Goldberg sewing machine:o  :D   (Hey, it's Sunday here... my comedy writers have the day off and I'm wingin' it.)

This PG acts pretty good.  It has a momentary "float" when it leaves the top of the ladder... on a climb.

And... the cambox overlaps the ladder a bit... on the way down.  Perhaps you/others can improve it.

Kurhlaa has stated (in PM) that e wants stop-ability, reversibility, and camera look-around freedom (later, when cam is parented to box, IF Kurhlaa allows camera to be parented AT ALL)

The onEnter/onExit triggers probably won't work... without camera having a mesh either carried or ridden.  Could use different collision methods, I guess.

It might be nice if other forum helpers... created/tested some camera-only versions.  Custom camera.input ONLY when cam/ladder are in-collision?  hmm.  :o

I'll goof around with it some more if I get a chance.  Hopefully, we're in the neighborhood of success.  :)  We'll talk. 

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