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[SOLVED] Edge Modifier on 3ds Studio Max


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What modifier would you recommend for fixing the smoothing groups on 3ds Max?

On the documentation the Edge Modifier is recommended for Blender. What is recommended for Max?

Is there any other thing recommended for exporting on 3ds max?

Many thanks in advance!

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Ok so no modifier is recommended but doing this manually then.

What about HSDS? Does anyone use it? Is it needed to manually fox smoothing groups after using this modifier? I think, not sure, that this modifier also fixes the smoothing groups. Is it possible? (I don't see HSDS increases the number of polygons)

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I never used HSDS on 3dsMax, but it seems to make kind of virtual local tesselation on the mesh, and I suppose that collapsing your modifier stack is what the exporter do, to export the mesh in its final topology.

So, try to add an Editable Poly modifier at the top of the stack to see what happens to your smoothing groups, and edit them if needed.

About autosmoothing, I think I remember that there is a modifier, if you want mass-autosmoothing instead of manually set them (yep, found it).

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