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Landscape mode with Phaser 3?


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Phaser 2 has the api to force orientation. What about Phaser 3?

Like this game, which is written with Phaser 2


Source: https://github.com/channingbreeze/games/tree/master/tacit

If user's phone is portrait, the game rotate 90deg, and fill the screen (width < height). The user will rotate their phone.

If user's phone is landscape. the game show as normal (width > height).

屏幕快照 2018-04-10 下午7.58.27.png

屏幕快照 2018-04-10 下午7.58.17.png

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19 hours ago, WizaEric said:

I think there is nothing similar in Phaser 3. But what are you trying to accomplish? If you have a game for smartphone you might want to put a wrapper around (Ionic/Cordova).

I added some info about what I want to do. Is there any way to impl this?

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