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Question about WaveForms


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I bought WaveForms and it's very very good (I recommend it to everyone).
Link is: http://phaser.io/waveforms

I need your help to adapt the grids.
Indeed, waveforms is only using this size: 800 x 600 but my game size is : 1122x665

You can check the attach file to see my problem.

Can you help me? (I have a idea: apply a background transparent and remove the blue. And after that use a other image by CSS but I still don't know how to do this)

Thank you

スクリーンショット 2018-04-04 15.29.52.png

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Here you go, attached is a replacement Editor.js file that will work with any size. Replace the one found in the 'src' folder with this.

Also, edit local.html and change the size of the Game from 800x600 to whatever you need.

The one thing this won't do is update the blue grid, as that's a PNG found in the assets folder. But if you replace it with your own PNG it'll work fine. Even without doing that you can still now drag nodes anywhere on the screen and the icons won't be in the way.


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